Geophysics Code

In my current role, I do a large portion of the near-surface geophysical processing in addition to much of the data collection (see Photos from the Field page for some pictures of that aspect of the work).

Several of the codes I’ve developed to make data processing tasks more efficient and higher quality are linked to below. Each has (or will have) a Readme file that explains in more detail.

The most updated versions and scripts can be found at the GitHub page here, but I have also included select scripts below.

If a link is not available yet, feel free to contact me using the contact form on the home page and I would be happy to be in touch.


Code and ExplanationFiles
Statewide Well Data Manipulation (Jupyter)
| -Converts statewide well data (points) to interpolated layers
View Jupyter Notebook here
Statewide Well Data Statistics (Jupyter)
| -Calculates data statistics for previous code
View Jupyter Notebook here

Matlab Code

Code and ExplanationFiles
XYZ Output of Terrameter Resistivity Data
Creates XYZ file from topography, GPS locations, and distance for resistivity data in x-direction
| -Used for .xyz data exported from Res2DInv software
Matlab Code here
Readme file here
Add Topography to Terrameter Resistivity Data
Add topography data to resistivity .dat file
| -Used for data exported for Abem Terrameter LS
Matlab Code here
Readme file here
Clip and Pre-process GPR Data
| Clips processes GPR data for analysis in Voxler
Matlab Code Here

Visual Basic

Code and ExplanationFiles
Create 3D GPR model in Voxler, blanking out non-target areas and creating isosurfaces
Convert GPR “xyzg” data to a format readable by Voxler 3-D Modeling software
| -Reads two files: one with location files for GPR targets and one for data.
| -Also filters data surrounding targets to remove noise outside target area
| -This code runs on Golden Software’s Scripter application and uses its API
Visual Basic Code here
Readme file here